Crocheting beautiful things for babies and kids.

My name is Jen Sullivan and I am the owner of Kara And Molly's Kids. I live in Minnesota with my husband, Mike, and our two children, Molly, age 13, and Kara, age 11. We also have three rescue dogs and two rescue cats.

In the fall of 2009, I gave up my job as a probation officer so that I could stay at home and be a full time mom to my two girls. In 2012, Kara asked me to make her a hat for her doll. Although I had learned to crochet over 20 years earlier from my aunt, I had never crocheted anything other than afghans. So, I taught myself how to crochet doll hats by reading patterns and watching video tutorials on You Tube. I made my kids so many hats for their dolls that they eventually told me they didn't want any more :)

I decided to sell my doll hats on Etsy and my first Etsy shop, Kara & Molly's Dollies was started. Later that year, I learned how to make baby hats. In 2013, I opened my current Etsy shop, Kara & Molly's Kids ~ A Branch of Kara & Molly's Dollies. 

In June of 2017, I decided to "branch" out again, and I started my own website and this shop, Kara And Molly's Kids.

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